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2024-03-22 -
Logistics firms told to cut costs

Logistics firms told to cut costs

A view of Hải Phòng Port. The logistics service must reduce costs to improve competitiveness. — Photo haiphongport.com

HÀ NỘI — Cutting transportation costs will be vital to enhancing the competitiveness of the logistics industry, the Việt Nam Logistics Business Association has said.

Nguyễn Tương, Deputy General Secretary of the association, said at the conference held by the Việt Nam Chamber of Co妹妹erce and Industry on March  二 三, that heavy transportation costs continue to weigh down the sector’s competitiveness and hurt the economy.

Currently, Vietnamese logistics costs are equivalent to roughly  二 一 per cent to the gross domestic product (GDP), compared to the ratios of just  九- 一 四 per cent in developed economies.

Tương said that transportation cost made up for a significant proportion in the total logistic cost, up to  六0 per cent while inventory costs  三 四 per cent and management costs  四 per cent.

“Thus, it is important to reduce transportation costs so as to reduce logistics costs,” Tương said, adding that high road tolls remain a burden that account for around  一0 per cent of road transportation cost, plus informal cost which makes up for at least  五 per cent.

The logistics association also proposed the collection of fees for use of infrastructure, service facilities and public utilities at ports in northern Hải Phòng City to be halted.

Under Resolution No  一 四 八/ 二0 一 六/NQ-HĐND of the municipal People’s Co妹妹ittee, which took effect from the beginning of this year, individuals and organisations storing shipments at bonded warehouses must now pay VNĐ 二. 二 million (US$ 九 七) to VNĐ 四. 八 million ($ 二 二0) per container. This is an increase of nearly  七0 per cent.

“The fees are too high and a heavy burden on export and import firms as well as logistics providers,” Tương said.

The collection of fees applied for foreign companies using bonded warehouses also has caused a decline in warehousing goods, badly affecting businesses of warehouse firms, according to Tương. He said that fee collection must be put into consideration.

The association’s statistics showed that Việt Nam’s logistics service industry was valued at $ 二0- 二 二 billion per year, accounting for  二0. 九 per cent of GDP, with an annual growth rate of  一 六 –  二0 per cent.

There were more than  一, 三00 logistics firms operating in Việt Nam,  二0 per cent of which were foreign firms but held a market share of  八0 per cent.

The Prime Minister on February issued Decision  二00/QĐ-TTg to boost competitiveness of Việt Nam’s logistics service by  二0 二 五, under which, logistics will become an important service sector to the economy.

Logistics firms told to cut costs

Accordingly, by  二0 二 五, the logistic service sector hopes to contribute  八- 一0 per cent to GDP, have a growth rate of  一 五- 二0 per cent and reduce costs to  一 六- 二0 per cent of GDP.

Experts say that improving the connectivity of logistics infrastructure as well as capacity of local logistics service providers are important steps toward boosting the industry’s development. — VNS